Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pickled peppers for a hot summer.

Summer is quickly coming to an end as the Canadian National Exhibition is underway, and school will start in approximately 10 days.  I recall being a student and always feeling mediocre about this time of the year.  The only difference this time around will be my eldest son will be attending Montessori for the first time ever - I'm nervous for him and for myself.

Since summer is quickly coming to an end, we shall welcome fall in a few weeks!  What else but to prepare some pickled peppers for that last few BBQ meals, and to preserve them for the winter.  These peppers will last a long time in the refrigerator, and are quite the delicate addition to any meal you please.

I have used the recipe from a book my husband purchased on his trip to Louisiana.  Who would've thought that pickled peppers were so popular among the fried chicken, southern biscuits, and sweetened ice tea?

These jalapeƱo peppers are great with anything and are super easy to make. They go well with sandwiches, specialty dishes, with steak, or with your BBQ meal.  The scotch bonnet peppers are great with noodles soups, fried rice, etc.  The idea was to recreate the peppers you find at your local Vietnamese restaurant. Enjoy!